Everyday Enlightenment

I attend Parkour classes at a beautiful place called ‘The Chainstore‘ in London. It’s not your regular dull gym. It’s a place with a heart. An adult playground, where a perpetual playful spirit fills the air.

There is someone attending classes there who smiles all the time. He smiles when he succeeds, and he smiles when he fails. One jokingly remarked at some point that he must be a robot.

Sometimes, while out of balance, I felt irritated at seeing him smiling. But then, one day, I had a profound revelation:

By his way of being, he’s offering me a precious Gift.
He’s showing me a vision of what I COULD be.

I’m deeply grateful for this Gift. I think of it often, and when I do, I evoke his image in my mind, and remember to smile.

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Life-Artist, Thinker, Mover (Traceur)

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