The Movement Game

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

I LOVE to move.

For me, this is an essential Life-(macro)game.”

“What’s the game about?”

“As a bit of context, an important tenet of my training/life philosophy is Consistency over intensity. This is a profound principle, which I’ve turned into an Art/Game [<link; short].

The Movement Game is a practical application of the tenet. The essence of the game is encapsulated in the directive

Weave movement into the fabric of your life.

Which means finding creative ways to organically integrate movement into your life.

There’s a concept I like from Brian Johnson, OTMs: Opportunities To Move. In practical terms, there’s two aspects to it:
finding opportunities, and
creating opportunities.”

“Can you give an example?”

“In terms of finding opportunities, instead of taking the elevator, you can take the stairs.

The principle here is, whenever given several options, always pick the one with the best movement potential. If more than one qualify, vary it every time.

In terms of creating opportunities, you can make a habit of putting things out of reach. A concept I like a lot from Frank Forenchich is that of ‘movement snacks‘.
The principle here is, turn everyday activities into movement snacks by building little challenges into them.”

“Even if it means doing things less efficiently?”

“Precisely. ‘Efficiency’ here is relative. It depends on the context, and your priorities.”


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