The Beautiful Game 2

If I were to pick a theme song for my Beautiful Game, it would be this one.

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

You use a lot of game terminology.

“Games will always be a part of me.

Simon the Sorcerer – one of the games of my childhood

Video games have been a consuming passion and an addiction for many years. And I mean over twenty years. However, I managed to turn this obstacle upside down.

I turned my weakness into strength.

This is one of the most important accomplishments on my Journey so far.

How did you do it?

I turned games into a deep source of Meaning. Two values are most central to my life: Love and Play. Games are an expression of them both.

I gave up video games [<link; short read], to make more room for my Art [<link; very short read]. But I realized their memory is a beautiful Resource. More specifically, they are a rich metaphoric system, a deep source of strategies and tools.

For instance, there’s a type of games I used to love called RPGs (Role Playing Games). Every RPG is essentially a virtual Hero’s Journey. You play a virtual character, on a virtual transformative Quest, overcoming virtual obstacles, and developing virtual skills and abilities along the way. The problem (I now see) with it is that it’s all virtual.

I gave up video games, but I’ve turned my whole life into a Game.

I call it The Beautiful Game. And the Game is essentially an RPG. I see myself engaged in a real Hero’s Journey. I play myself, on a real transformative Quest, overcoming real obstacles, and developing real skills and abilities along the way.

This is a very powerful metaphor for me because it draws Meaning from my personal experiences.

If you were to pick a theme song for your Game, what would it be?

The piano theme of the game Hero Quest.


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