Me and my little brother

I’ve fully embraced my identity of Designer.

It took me a while, because I didn’t really know what it meant. I used to equate design mostly with aesthetics. A profound shift occurred with a realization:

Design actually means solving problems.

Aesthetics is simply a component of it.

Within the context of Self-Actualization, I now like to think of myself as the Designer of my Life. This is a profoundly creative and essentially practical endeavor.

Here’s an example.

I like to distinguish between outer and inner priming. Outer priming relies on external cues (eg reading something, an image, a song, etc); inner priming relies on thoughts alone.

As concerns outer priming, one excellent design space is the desktop of your computer, because you interact with it so often. More specifically, the background image. The system is simplicity embodied (for me, a hallmark of great design): the background image changes randomly, from a careful selection of images.

– Select the most powerful images you have, 80/20 style (and start collecting such images). Quality over quantity.
– Put all of them in a folder.
– Set the background image of your computer to take images from that folder, and make the background change at the interval of your choosing (mine is set to 10 minutes).

The most powerful images can instantly change your state, and help you regain balance.

The image of me and my little brother is one of the most powerful I have. It’s so powerful that it brings tears to my eyes, and it instantly connects me with my Inner Child. That’s the kind of images you want.


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