Games of Gratitude: Three Blessings

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What’s the game about?”

“It’s my own take on the practice of expressing gratitude for three things.

The game is played in the moment, improv(isation) style: at any moment throughout the day, anywhere you are, without thinking, come up with three things you’re grateful for in quick succession.

The natural tendency is to try to control the process and plan ahead. Don’t. If that happens, quickly think of something else.

You can vary the game by changing the context. This is an instance of what I call contextual priming.

For instance:
– things that are amazing in your life
– things you take for granted (what Patricia Madson called ‘Silent Gifts‘ in her wonderful book Improv Wisdom)
– things within reach
– things abstract
– things involving people

Coming up with contexts and combining them in interesting ways is a little game in itself.”


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