On Systems and Mastery

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“I seek Mastery.”

“How deep is the idea, and is it a lived idea?”

“What do you mean?”

“A lived idea is an idea that is reflected in your actions, an idea that you consistently and relentlessly act on. A lived idea is a PRACTICE.

In terms of content, I like to distinguish between deep and shallow ideas.

Most ideas are compound ideas, that is, they are aggregates of simpler ideas.

Using a different mental model, most ideas are systems of ideas. I call them idea-systems. The elegance, interconnectedness, and functionality of the subsystems that make up an idea-system is what gives the idea depth.

By identifying the subsystems of an idea-system, you can more effectively translate the idea into action.”

“What does your idea of Mastery look like?”

“In the context of the Beautiful Game, I like to think of Mastery as a Soul Quest (beautiful concept I know from Brian Johnson). One of my brightest guiding stars.

The name of my Path of Mastery is Parkour.
Another name of for it is Self-Actualization.

By Mastery I mean Self-Mastery, which has two components:
Mental/Physical/Emotional Mastery, and
Values Mastery (Mastery of my Values).

One essential component of the former is what I call Heroic Strength/Antifragility, the ideal being nothing short of Obstacle Immunity.

As concerns the latter, the subsystems I’m focusing on at the moment are the following:

Presence Mastery
Focus Mastery

Movement Mastery

Perception Mastery
Meaning Mastery
Observation/Listening Mastery

Creativity Mastery
Questioning Mastery

Improvisation Mastery

Connection Mastery
Communication Mastery

Each and every one of these is a deep lived idea in itself.

I start and end every single day by reading them, as a reminder.”


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