Macro Meditation

It’s all Meditation.

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

What is macro meditation?

The essence of meditation lies in self-compassion and kind acceptance. Noticing your attention has wandered, and gently bringing it back to your point of focus.

The same principle can be metaphorically (and pragmatically) applied at the life macro level. Noticing you have wandered from the Path, and gently bringing yourself back to it.

I like to call these micro- and macro-meditation.

The initial quote linguistically encodes this idea, and I use it as a mantra to invoke it when the situation calls for it.

Also, every day can be thought of as a macro meditation.

I like Leo Gura’s concept of ‘the waking daze‘, the auto-pilot mode we’re in most of the time, and his distinction between low- and high-consciousness.

Just like in meditation the aim is to maintain your point of focus for as long as possible, in the day-level macro meditation, the aim is to maintain the high-consciousness state for as long as possible throughout the day.

What is the point of focus for your macro meditation?



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    Great reading your blog poost

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