On becoming a Writer

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“How did you become a writer?”

“In terms of identity, this is a very recent development.”

“How recent?”

“Since I came to London, three years ago.

Interestingly I’d never imagined I would become a writer. There was no planning, no structured build-up, nothing.

I have been writing for many years, mostly on gaming forums, mostly about games. Without realizing it, I was honing my writing skills.

That was my long apprenticeship.”

“How did it become identity?”

“The process was part organic, part creative.

Organic in the sense that, by engaging in the activity of writing, besides developing the skills, I was gradually breaking through fear barriers. By exposing my ideas to the world, I was slowly building confidence. And confidence not just in my writing, but in my own thinking. This is yet another instance of compounding in action.

Creative in the sense that, at some point, the process became intentional.

One day, about two years ago, I wrote in my notes:

I am a Writer.

It was an idea I’d never entertained until then. A faint glimmer of possibility.

It seemed far fetched, but I added it to my identity list anyway. Whenever I read the list (which was daily), I would read it as well.

That’s when writing became identity. This was the first stage.

Time passed. I kept writing. And then, one day, I felt it: 

I am a Writer.

The identity-seed had taken root. I’d discovered my own creative voice.

That’s when writing became identity. This was the second stage.

More time passed. I kept writing. And then, quite recently, I made a commitment:

I am a Writer.

I vowed to myself to write every single day, and created a structure for it in the (design) blueprint of my ‘masterpiece day’, a daily ritual.

Writing has become a craft. This is the third stage.”


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