Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“I love Katy Bowman’s concept of life-stacking [<link; medium length]. It has such beautiful practical application.”

“That is but one application.”

“What do you mean?”

“Always focus on the principle, not the instance.

The principle in this case is the metaphoric-concept of stacking. You can think of it as a mental model. By focusing on the principle, you can expand its application, you can discover more things you can ‘stack’.

For instance,
you can stack movements – movement-stacking,
you can stack practices – practice-stacking,
you can stack habits – habit-stacking,
you can stack skills – skill-stacking,
you can stack concepts – concept-stacking [<link; short],
you can stack ideas – idea-stacking

“What’s the difference between concept-stacking and ideas stacking?”

“By concept-stacking I mean the practice of fusing concepts together so that they form a single unit of meaning.

By idea-stacking I mean the practice of grouping ideas together to enrich the mental representation of an idea.”

“Can you give an example of idea-stacking?”


We can think of an idea as a system of meaning. We can enrich ideas by connecting them to other systems of meaning.

Let’s take Friedrich Nietzsche’s idea of ‘Amor Fati’, which translates to ‘Love Fate’. The idea is an expression of an ancient Stoic idea. Ryan Holiday called it ‘The Art of Acquiescence’.

Stoicism itself is a system of meaning. Ryan’s interpretation of it is another system of meaning. By connecting Nietzsche’s idea to these two systems, we have enriched it.

And we don’t have to stop here.”

“What does the fully stacked idea look like for you?”

Amor Fati (Friedrich Nietzsche)
The Art of Acquiescence (Ryan Holiday)

LOVE what is. (Byron Katie)
Life happens FOR me, not to me. (Tony Robbins)
EVERYTHING is a Gift. (David Steindl-Rast)

Take NOTHING for granted.

Stacked, these ideas form one unit, the central idea being Amor Fati. And, by reading them one after another, they also have a powerful priming effect.”

“How did you settle upon these particular ones?”

“Through a careful process of selection. You can have big idea stacks, but I prefer smaller denser ones.”

“Expressing as much as possible with as little as possible, poetry-style?”

“It’s like you know me.”

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