Contrasting 3

There are two types of time: alive time and dead time. (Robert Greene)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

Use opportunity cost as a Tool.


“Make it a habit to always ask yourself:

Did I waste time?

If yes, think of the deeply meaningful things you could have done in that time frame. Those things that make you feel radiantly and vibrantly alive.

That’s the opportunity cost.

In practical terms, you can make a small selection of them, and recite them like a mantra. Choose only the most powerful, 80/20 style. By uttering them one after another, it will amplify their effect.

Feel those things that are most meaningful to you.
Feel the contrast between that deeply alive time and the dead time.

Then anchor this feeling to the wasteful activity.

Turn any and all wasteful activities into a reminder of what’s truly important.

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