Systems Thinker 2

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What’s one of your favorite mental models?”


I think in systems. Once you do, you start to see them everywhere. They become a ‘reality filter‘.

Think of the beautiful symphony of systems that is your body. Every single cell is a micro-system. Connected, they form more complex systems, which connect to form yet more complex systems, all the way to the macro level. Systems within systems within systems. Countless of them, most of them invisible to the eye. It is the beautiful coordinated inner dance of those countless systems that performs all the wonderful functions of the human body, which we tend to take for granted.

In the same way, much of my work is invisible. To appreciate my Life-Art, you have to understand the intricate symphony of systems that makes it up.”

“What do you like about this mental model?”

“I like it because it’s beautiful. It’s a beautiful tool for managing complexity, with extraordinary practical application.

Also because it’s a unifying model. Everything can be thought of as a system, which allows you to see the hidden interconnections between things.”


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