Beautiful Habits: Appreciating Ideas

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

I love ideas.

“You mean some ideas?”

“I mean ideas as a unit of meaning, as the building-blocks of thought, and as creative fuel. In this general sense, I find ideas beautiful.

It’s true, I am very selective about ideas. I think filtering ideas is an important component of Wisdom. In this particular sense, I find particular ideas beautiful, and among these, some particularly beautiful.”

“You’re much more focused than you used to be.”

“I guess I am. I used to spread myself in so many directions. I’m now interested mostly in ideas that have practical application for the Art of (Playful) Living.

As with so many things in our life, we tend to take ideas for granted. I’ve decided to change that.

I’ve made it a Practice to express gratitude for every beautiful idea in my life.

Every time I read a quote for instance, I express gratitude for the idea, and to the author for the beautiful gift.


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