Games of Perception: Beauty 2

For me, personal growth is a beautiful creative process. I’ll give an example to illustrate: my strategy for setting my mental channel to beautiful consistently, and my thought process behind it.

By “setting my mental channel to beautiful” I mean setting my mind to notice the beautiful things around me. For some context, check out this [link; short length] post.

It all starts with a question:

How can I set my mental channel to beautiful consistently?

What this does is set my mind to creative problem-solving mode. My mind starts playing with possibilities. At this point, depending on the nature of the problem, I can leave the process open-ended, or I can narrow down the possibilities by asking more questions. There’s benefits to both. The next important question here is:

What obstacles prevent me from achieving my end?

In this case, the main obstacle is remembering to set my mental channel to beautiful. The more often I remember it, the more often I can do it. This already suggests a strategy: setting reminders (or “anchors”, to use a NLP term), internal or external. Or, even better, both internal and external.

What anchors might I use?

This is the truly creative part, because you can use pretty much anything as anchors. The possibilities are endless.

For me, in looking for solutions to a problem, beauty acts as a guide. This means the solution has to be aesthetic, not just functional.

My solution in this case is to use beauty itself as an anchor. That is, every instance of beauty sets my mental channel to beautiful. Simple and elegant. Both highly functional, and aesthetic.

However I’m not done yet. Creating anchors for every instance of beauty is obviously inefficient. Better to create just one anchor, for the idea of Beauty. So every instance of beauty mentally connects me to the idea of Beauty, which sets my mental channel to beautiful.

I imagine the more meaningful the idea of Beauty is to you, the more powerful the effect. For me it’s one of my central values.

I’ve simplified the process a great deal just to make a point (it took a while, and quite a few iterations and bursts of inspiration before I came up with it). For instance, simplicity is another very important filter for me when looking for solutions.

The process described above, besides being a little window into my mental world, is also a metaphor, for how I see and engage with personal growth.

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