Beautiful Habits: Appreciating Interconnectedness

Remember those who dug the wells.‘ (Chinese proverb)

In other words, remember those who came before you and made your life possible. And be grateful.

Someone, some time ago, took the time to dig that proverbial well from which you’re now drinking.

Thank you.

I like to practice this when I turn on the faucet to take a shower. A ton of anonymous people I’ll never meet going back generations were involved in making that water flow.

Thank you.

It only takes a mindful moment but when I do it, I feel my soul expand.
See the objects you take for granted and see the anonymous souls who made them all possible. And say thank you.

Then give back as you make today a Masterpiece with them in mind.

(fragment from one of Brian Johnson’s +1s)

This beautiful idea enriched my gratitude practice immensely.

I used to express gratitude FOR numerous things throughout the day.

eg Thank you FOR the food.

Now I added a TO component to all of them.

eg Thank you FOR the food and TO all people involved in me having food.

When I say “all people” I evoke in my mind the image of the entire network of people involved, which is beautifully illustrated in the video “I, Pencil” (I remembered/made the connection with the video immediately after watching the +1).

So the takeaway is the following gratitude-template:

Thank you FOR x and TO all people involved in creating/me enjoying x.

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