Beautiful Models: Life-Filtering

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“An essential aspect of Wisdom is filtering.”

“You mean filtering information?”

“I mean filtering possibilities/options. Information is but one possibility-space. It can be activities, desires, relationships, opportunities, etc.

I like to distinguish between three types of filtering: quantitative-filtering, qualitative-filtering and artful-filtering.

On one level, filtering is a necessity. There’s simply too many possibilities. Quantitative-filtering is the process of reducing possibilities to a manageable number.

On another level, filtering can improve the quality of our lives. Qualitative-filtering is the process of further reducing possibilities to a smaller number of higher-quality items. The fundamental principle here is ‘less but better‘.

You can think of it as levels of granularity.”

“Makes me think of a sieve.”

“Precisely. The second sieve has smaller openings than the first one.”

“What about the last one?”

“On another level, filtering can be a creative process. Artful-filtering is the seemingly paradoxical [<link; short length] process of creating possibilities by reducing possibilities. The fundamental principle here is ‘creative limitations‘ [<link; short].

Another distinction I like to make is between micro and macro-filtering.

To use an example, micro-filtering is selecting between a number of books to read. Macro-filtering is selecting what category of books to read, so it’s a higher-order level of selection.”

“What macro-filters do you use for reading?”

“I read chaotically most of my life, mostly theoretical, largely useless.

An essential stage of my evolution was marked by the ‘installation’ of one macro-filter: The Practical.

I’m only interested in books with potential practical application for the Art of (Playful) Living. It’s simplified and enriched my life immensely.”


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