On reading and change

Learning is behavior change. Eben Pagan

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“The books you read change you.”

“Do they?”

“Well, can change you.”

“Big difference.

Whenever you make a statement, make it a habit to turn it into a question as well.

Do the books you read change you?”

“I guess it depends on the books.”

What you read is indeed important. It’s important to be selective about books. 
How you read is equally important.

The ‘quality over quantity’ principle applies to both the what and the how.

It does depend on the books; but mostly depends on you.”

“But there are books that can change you regardless of the how.”

“Some books can change you on a representational level, by reshaping your mental model/map of reality.

Some books can change you on a pragmatic level, if you apply what you learn.”

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