Input/Output Ratio

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“You can apply the input/output model to optimize the systems of your life.”


“By asking questions. Asking questions is way of enriching and implementing mental models.

For instance:

What’s the input?
What’s the output?

What’s the minimum input for obtaining the desired output?

How can you maximize the output?
How can you maximize the output and minimize the input?

What’s your input/output ratio?


“What do you mean by ‘input/output ratio’?”

“An important aspect of the Art of Playful Living is converting informational input (absorbing information) into behavioral output (implementation) and creative output, and balancing the input with the output.

On a macro life-level, the question ‘What’s your input/output ratio?’ is a kind of diagnostic.

What’s your desired input/output ratio?
What’s your current input/output ratio?

The assessment can help you adjust course.

On a micro day-level, the question can help you better structure your day.

I like to visually mark the pomodoros [<link; medium read] on my daily checklist, and to do an input/output assessment when counting them at the end of the day.”



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