On Models and Operationalizing Wisdom

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What’s the relationship between models and systems?”

“Systems are a kind of model. To use a model, models are a higher-order concept.”

“Do all models have a metaphoric kernel?”

“To use another model, that’s what gives them transferrability, that is, what makes them usable in a different context.”

“Why are you so interested in models?”

“One of my big-picture projects is that of operationalizing knowledge. 

The linguistic structure was inspired by Brian Johnson:

OPERATIONALIZE all that wisdom into consistent virtue.
Go from theory to PRACTICE to MASTERY.

That has become a life-mantra for me. My project focuses on knowledge.

How do you make knowledge USABLE?
How do you turn passive-knowledge into active-knowledge?

Models are a beautiful piece of the puzzle.”



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