Representational-Models 2

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“You can think of your life in many ways:

The Beautiful Game
The Beautiful Practice
The Beautiful Adventure
Your Hero Quest
Your Playful Path
Your Master’s Journey

If you were to choose ONE, what would it be?”

The Art of Learning.

“Why that one?”

“All those are representational-models [<link; medium read]. They’re also metaphoric-models. Together they complement one another [<link; short], creating a more vivid representation. Together they form one system of meaning.

You’ve listed them sequentially, but the best way to visualize them is as a network, because they’re interconnected.

As you know, the central focus of my life is implementation. So I’m interested in how to practically make use of that system of meaning, how to turn it into active-knowledge [<link; medium read].

The key is access.

Going back to the network representation of the system, you can’t consciously access the entire network at once, especially when dealing with large networks.

The solution?

You need to create a center, a node that is connected to all other nodes, whose role is retrieval. I call this node the access-point, which allows you to reconstruct the entire network.”

“Makes me think of a mind-map.”

“That’s exactly what it is. The mind-map used as a mental model.

Now, going back to your initial question:

What’s the best access-point for this system of meaning?

Since we’re dealing with representations, the best access point is the most vivid representation, and one which also inspires and gives direction.

Yet another instance of stacking.”


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