Emotional Flooding

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

I’ve heard of the concept of emotional flooding a while ago from Tony Robbins. I think it’s a wonderful tool.

Have you done his emotional flooding exercise?

No, I haven’t. But the idea stuck with me, and I’ve since been thinking of and experimenting with other ways of making use of the tool. One of them is quotes.

Some quotes are really powerful, and can trigger in you intense feelings. If you make a careful selection of these and read a couple of them one after another (ideally selected at random), the effect can be similar to Tony’s emotional flooding exercise.

Then there’s a concept I love from Tim Ferris: The Jar of Awesome. In his case it was an actual jar with pieces of paper on which he wrote his successes and accomplishments. Whenever he felt dejected, he would extract a note and relive an important moment from his past.

The Jar of Awesome does not have to be physical. Mine is digital. And it can be used emotional-flooding style just as with quotes (ideally selected at random).


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