The Connections Game

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“If you were to choose one game that best describes you, what would it be?”

“The Connections Game.”

“What’s it about?”

I love playing with making connections between things. There’s lots of ways you can play with it, and I’m playing with discovering more.

One of my favorites is connecting the seemingly unconnected. Pick any two things, and find connections between them. I like to play it with pencil and paper, mind-mapping style. Write down the two things in the center of the page, connect them with a line, and expand in all directions.

Another of my favorites is another mind-mapping style game. This one I play mentally. Pick any object in the environment. This becomes the center of the mind-map. Now start making connections and bring to mind things that are meaningful to you. They can be anything: memories, ideas, people, quotes, etc.”

“Is the goal to focus only on things directly related to the chosen object?”

“That’s one possible game. But my preferred game is that which ultimately takes you to those things that are most deeply meaningful to you. This way, any object in the environment becomes a magical portal into your Heart.

I call this game Connections-Anchoring.”


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