Practical Poetry

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“If you were to give your Art a name, what would it be?”

Practical Poetry.

“Why that name?”

“It’s a representational-model [<link; medium read].

Practical because that’s what my main focus in life is, as an Artist/Philosopher/Designer.”

“Artist, Philosopher, Designer… Why that order?”

“These are identity-blocks [<link; long read], and also representational-models.

You can metaphorically think of them as lens on top of one another, forming a ‘reality-filter’ that focuses my thoughts and actions.

The first lens is Artist. Above all, I’m a Creator. In my view, to be a Creator is to be an Artist.

The next lens is Philosopher, by which I mean Lover of Practical Wisdom.”

“Doesn’t Wisdom imply the practical?”

“I like to make a distinction between Wisdom and Practical Wisdom.

Wisdom is practical knowledge.
Practical Wisdom is applied practical knowledge.

The last lens is Designer. Expresses my endless Quest for the Implementation of Wisdom.

Poetry because it’s a vivid way of expressing some qualities that I strive for in my thinking and writing: use of metaphor, vividness, expressiveness, and brevity, communicating as much as possible with as little as possible.”

“Do you think your writing meets those qualities?”

“The value is in the striving.”

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