The Beautiful State

I’m going to live in a beautiful state and I’m going to find beauty in whatever life brings me because life is too short no to. (Tony Robbins)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What does your beautiful state look like?”

“I approach it as a Designer.

I ask myself:

What do you want your beautiful state to look like?

The most important thing to realize is that the beautiful state is a CHOICE.

I’ve turned Tony’s beautiful quote into an actual mantra:

I CHOOSE to live in a Beautiful State and to find Beauty in whatever life brings me.

and I connected it with one of my Soul Quests, The Quest for Imperturbability, which I also turned into a mantra:

My state is independent of external conditions.

In terms of the actual blueprint, I work on two levels: 
– the level of feelings
– the level of representations

On the level of feelings I ask myself:

How do you want to feel consistently?

I want to feel…

– Enthusiastic (In touch with my Entheos, The Child / God Within)

– Loving (In love with Life)

– Playful
– Curious
– Joyful

– Grateful

– Energized
– Tranquil / Peaceful

– Confident
– Positive
– Optimistic

On the level of representations, I work with representational-models [<link; medium read] – so metaphors – to enrich the mental representation of the beautiful state.

I want to feel…

– Fiery
– Burning
(Fire model)

– Flowing (Acceptance, Non-Resistance)
(Water model)

– Radiant (Radiantly Alive)
– Sunny (Sunny disposition)
(Light model)

– Powerful
– Unstoppable
(Power model)

– Boundless
– Limitless
(Obstacle model)

You can think of these as an amplifying-filter, which has an emotional-flooding [<link; short read] type effect.”

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