On Gratitude and Implementation

Are you sitting right now as you read? If so, then a chair, sofa, or bed is supporting you. You probably have not paid much attention to this fact until I mentioned it. Nor have you been thinking that someone designed the chair (sofa, bed, etc.); someone manufactured it; someone brought it to where you are sitting; someone paid for it – perhaps it was you. It is likely that many people (mostly unknown to you) had a hand in the chair’s creation and journey to where it is now. It is fair to say that you are receiving a service from the chair and from all of those people whose efforts were part of the story. Whether you notice it or not, whether you thank it or not, the chair offers you support, comfort. The chair is a silent gift. (Patricia Madson, Improv Wisdom)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“You can practice Gratitude in many ways.”

Do you practice Gratitude in all those ways?”

“When I remember it.”

“So quite infrequently?”

“Frankly, yes.

How can I stop forgetting?”

“There’s two aspects to it:
– remembering to practice
– remembering what to practice

Each requires different strategies.

An important thing to remember, on a meta / higher-order level, is this:


Have a default practice, ONE focus you keep coming back to, the most powerful practice you know.

What might that be? Express it as a directive.”

“Take NOTHING for granted.”

The directive you chose, while good as a reminder, is non-specific, it has no built-in actionable components.

To enrich it, connect it with ONE actionable question and ONE actionable model.

“Question: What am I taking for granted?

Model: Silent Gifts”


You’ve thus created a little network. The directive will serve as the access-point.

As concerns the rest of the practices, you can use randomness as a tool [<link; medium read].

Make a selection of the practices, 80/20 style, either on paper or digitally. Whenever you want to practice, extract one at random. That will be the theme of the session.

I call this random thematic practice.”

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