On Magic and Models 3

A Magic the Gathering deck

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“Can you give another example of how you apply the Magic the Gathering model to Models Thinking?”

“Another application of the Magic model is deck-building.

In the same way in order to play Magic you select a number of cards to form a deck, you can select a number of models to form a metaphoric ‘deck’. A models-deck.

So, essentially, a models-deck is a particular combination of models for achieving a specific end.

A models-deck is a priming-tool.

For instance, I start every single day with a morning activation ritual, where I activate my mind and body.

I activate the mind with a priming ritual, by reading a selection of powerful ideas, followed by a themed writing session focused on implementation / optimization. 

I activate the body with movement.

As part of my priming ritual, there are two models-decks. One is focused on tools, the other on representations [<link; medium read].

I call this models-priming.”

“Can you show me one?”


This is the Tools deck:


The Obstacle is the Way
(Parkour, Inversion, Reversal, Creative Limitation)

Big Thinking [<link; medium read]
(Holistic, Big-picture, Macro, Big-Questions, Integration)

(80/20, ONE Thing, Essence, Editing)

(Love – Beauty, Play, Gratitude;
Self-care, Mind / Heart, Movement / Stillness, Input / Output)

Presence / Embodiment
(Flow, Focus,
Empty-Space, Slowing down, Pause-Point,
Metacognition, Hyper-Awareness, Observation, Patterns)

(Oscillation, Activation, Activation Energy, Perpetual Motion Machine, Re-Commitment) (Oscillation, Re-Commitment,
Activation, Activation Energy,
Parkour, Movement snacks, Perpetual Motion Machine)

(Deliberate Practice, Learning Zone,
Focused / Diffuse Thinking, Divergent / Convergent Thinking,
Feedback Loop, Evolution Spiral, Problem/Diagnosis/Design,






(Stacking, Life-Stacking, Transitional)

(Beautiful Opportunity, Gift,
Opportunity Cost, Contrasting)

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