Beautiful Systems: Implementation 2

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“We’ve talked before [<link; medium read] about Habits being one essential component of the Implementation system. What other components does the system have?”

“It’s a work in progress. Here’s a general overview of what it looks like at this stage. I like to think of it as the design-blueprint.

Key related system: Presence

Key value: Simplicity

I have these written at the top of the document, as two very important reference points. Working on Implementation goes hand in hand with working on Presence, and Simplicity is an essential guideline for my design philosophy.

As a practical approach, I’m using the Design/Development model.”

“What is that?”

“It means that, together, Design and Development form an iterative cycle.”

“So like implementation cycles?”

“Yes. I start with design, then follow it with development. I identify failure-points, and based on this feedback, I start a new cycle.

Design and Development form the two areas of the document.



These are my macro-tools of trade. 



(Implementation Intentions, Contextual Priming, Deliberate Practice)

(Feedback Loop, Problem/Diagnosis/Design, Tracking)


These are the bread and butter of Implementation, which we’ll be talking about in the future.

I conceptualize all components of the system as models.”

“A models-deck [<link; medium read]?”

“Yes. I’m reading it before every implementation session to selectively activate key resources. This is what I mean by contextual-priming.”

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