Beautiful Models: Contextual-Priming

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What is Contextual-Priming?”

“I regard Priming as a practical art/game [<link; short read].

Priming is a means of activating your resources.”

“So a means of turning passive-knowledge into active-knowledge [<link; medium read]?”


Contextual-Priming means deliberately and strategically activating specific resources – eg linguistic-tools – for a specific context.”

“So a kind of preparation.”


It could be for dealing with an anticipated problem.
It could be for a training session.

To make the process more efficient, it’s essential that you organize your resources.

One way to do that is by creating tool-sets – or mini-decks [<link; medium read], to use a different model. That is, making small selections of tools for specific situations. The best tool-sets are the ones that cover the widest variety of situations.

This is something you can play and experiment with.

Let’s say a particular set of linguistic-tools is the best way of dealing with a certain life-situation. Anticipating the situation, you bring to mind the tools ahead of time – you contextually-prime yourself – such that when the situation presents itself, the tools are more readily available.”

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