Project Ultralearning

A goal without a plan is just a wish. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

Ultralearning: The art of learning hard things quickly (Scott H. Young)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What’s the next step in your evolution?”

Becoming an Ultralearner.

“Weren’t you toying with the idea in the past?”

“The difference is, it’s now become a goal. I’ve actually devised and set a plan in motion.

The difference is, it’s become an identity-goal. The most powerful kind.”

“What’s the plan?”

“Inspired by Scott H. Young’s book Ultralerning, Josh kaufman’s book The First 20 Hours (about rapid skill acquisition), and a blog post by Derek Sivers entitled Monthly Self-Expansion Project [<link], I’m going to make every single month from now on thematic. Every month I’m going to be learning something new.

Derek Sivers’ idea is to focus on something you hate or know nothing about.
My focus is going to be on things that are most useful.

I created an ever-growing document with ideas of things I want to learn. Whenever I come up with an idea, I write it down in the document.

The order in which you learn things is important. I’m going to prioritize them based on my estimation of how impactful they are on my life. For instance those that impact multiple systems of my life. Yet another instance of stacking.”

“What did you start with?”


I decided to start the project by dedicating a month (December) to learning how to learn, to internalizing the most effective learning principles and strategies.

In this endeavor, four books are my main guides:

The Art of Leaning, by Josh Waitzkin (my Learning Bible)
Ultralerning, by Scott H. Young
The First 20 Hours, by Josh Kaufman
A Mind for Numbers, by Barbara Oakley

I read all of them, took a copious amount of notes, which I’m currently in the process of organizing. These will serve as the theoretical framework.

With every learning project, I’ll be putting to practice what I’ve learned, and refining the learning process itself.

Learning how to learn is one of the most important meta-skills, and one of the best strategies for increasing time-density [<link; medium read]. I’d understood this a long time ago. I’m finally breathing life into the idea by putting it into practice.”

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