Project Ultralearning: The Why

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“Why do you want to become an Ultralearner?”

“I like to think of it as a Soul Quest, which is an affectionate reference to my gaming past [<link; medium read]. This is part of a much larger Macro-Quest, the Quest for Wisdom, Self-Actualization/Transcendence and Self-Mastery.

I call it my Hero Quest.

My Hero Quest has many facets. One of them is an Identity-Quest I like to express thus:

Super Thinker / Writer
– Super Learner / Teacher (The Art of Learning)
– Super Athlete / Mover (Parkour)

“You used to express it as ‘World-class’. Why the change to ‘Super’?”

“Both ‘World-class’ and ‘Super’ are representational-models [<link; medium read]. I felt the latter is more expressive, as a reference to the Super-Heroes of my childhood, and more mysterious. My goal is nothing short of exploring the limits of my potential. What are those limits? I don’t know, and I have no way of knowing until I get there.”

“Why is Super Thinker / Writer the main focus? And why the pairings?”

“I’ve come to realize my Zone of Genius is my capacity to Think [<link; long read], so that’s become the central Macro-Focus of my life. Learner / Teacher and Athlete / Mover, are subordinate to and integral components of this goal. They are like different kinds of fuel for my thinking. The former provides the materials, the latter provides the energy, and both deeply stimulate my thinking.

Writer and Teacher are both a means and an end.

I find writing an essential component of thinking. I write in order to think.
I find teaching an essential component of learning. I teach in order to learn.

Also, writing and teaching are my chosen ways of giving back to the world, and I’m going to keep developing them over the coming years, until I can earn a living from them.

And ALL of them ā€“ Thinking, Writing, Learning, Teaching and Moving ā€“ are a beautiful means of self-expression.”

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