On Celebration and Beauty

Fragment from an older imaginary dialogue

“How did you celebrate new year’s?”

“I didn’t. I no longer celebrate the year. I celebrate the day every day.”

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“Celebration is commonly seen as something done on certain occasions, with a certain frequency.

What does celebration mean for you?”

“As you know, Beauty is one of my central values. It’s a profound filter through which I look at life – a ‘reality-filter‘.

I view celebration through the filter of Beauty.

I view celebration as Beautiful.

I view the act of celebration as Beautifying.

Moment to moment to moment I celebrate Beauty.

The Beauty of Life, 
the Beauty of my many Gifts, 
the Beauty of my BodyMind, 
the Beauty of Moving,
the Beauty of Growing,
the Beauty of Obstacles,
the Beauty of Playing,
the Beauty of Creating,
and, many many more.

And, above all, 
the Beauty of Awareness.”


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About Dani Trusca

Life-Artist, Thinker, Mover (Traceur)

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