Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What is the Density model?”

“It’s a conceptual-model from Physics applied outside of Physics.

In Physics, the density of a substance is its mass per unit volume. Using another conceptual-model, the particle-model, density is the number of particles per unit volume. 

The density-model in Physics

Through metaphor, we can expand the density model outside its initial scope.

Density is the number of items per unit space.

This is what I call a template-model. As you remember from our discussion on templating [<link; medium read], a template is a structure with two components: one fixed, and one variable. In this case, ‘items’ and ‘space’ are the variable components. 

By replacing them, we can create all kinds of useful conceptual-models:

connection-density [<link; medium read]
life-density [<link; medium read]
practice-density [<link; medium read]
rest-density [<link; short read]
time-density [<link; medium read]

“Models Thinking as a creative process?”

“That’s the ultimate goal of it.”


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