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Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“A not that long while ago I came up with an idea:

What if I used the pomodoro structure for reading as well? [30 minutes of deep-focus, 10 minutes of break]”

“So like a thematic pomodoro.”


I figured it would allow me to better track it. At the end of the day, I’d know exactly how much I’d read that day.

Also, I sometimes lose track of time while reading. The pomodoro having a built-in break, I figured, would solve this problem.

It did work in those two respects. However it created another problem. To count as a ‘reading pomodoro’, I’d have to only read during that time-frame. I’m very good at maintaining focus. Once I start reading, the world disappears. Depending on the context however, that may mean missing contextual-opportunities around me. 

Focusing on the content of the pomodoro leads to inflexibility.”

“What’s the lesson?”

“The experiment led me to ask myself:

What’s the scope of the pomodoro?

Deconstructing it, there are several principles behind it:
Time-Blocking: reserving a certain amount of time for something
Deep-Focus: maintaining your attention on one thing
Oscillation: alternating between engagement and disengagement

That’s what makes the pomodoro a great productivity and energymanagement tool. However it’s important to know the limits of any tool. 

The pomodoro creates structure. The goal of Artful Living is maintaining a beautiful balance between structure and flexibility. Knowing when to use the pomodoro is as important as knowing when not to use it.

I realized it’s more important to track what didn’t go well than what did. That’s where the gems[<link; medium read] are found.”

“Didn’t you know these things?”

“I thought I did.”

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