Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What are amplifier-models?”

“I read a lot of self-improvement books, and I noticed a certain linguistic pattern. Certain words that do not convey any information, but affect the way I feel.”

“Can you give an example?”

“Let’s take ‘Unlimited Power’ for instance, the title of one of Tony Robbins’s books. 

‘Power‘ is a metaphoric-model which refers to the level of control you have over yourself, and, by extension, your own life. 
Unlimited‘ is also a model, which amplifies the emotional impact of the other. It’s an instance of Big-Thinking [<link; medium length].

Feel the difference between these two statements:

I have Power.
I have
Unlimited Power.

I later called the latter amplifier-models.

Viewed as a template [<link; medium], they look like this:

amplifier-model + model

I realized this has beautiful practical application, so I started collecting amplifier-models.”

“What are the most powerful you’ve collected so far?”

“What’s important to realize is that different people have different models of the same thing. Just pick and choose the ones that resonate with you most. You can make them even more powerful by expressing them as identity.

Boundless – I am Boundless Creativity.

Burning – Burning Desire, Burning Passion

Endless – I am an Endlessly Evolving Process.
Eternal – I am the Eternal Child. I am the Eternal Spring.
Perpetual – I am a Perpetual Motion Machine.

Immune – Obstacle Immunity

Infinite – Infinite Possibility, Infinite Potentiality, Infinite Optionality

Irresistible – Irresistible Force, Irresistible Will

Radiant – Radiant Enthusiasm, Radiant Joy

Relentless – I am Relentless Forward Motion.

Sacred – Sacred Time, Sacred Moment, Sacred Play, Sacred Ritual

Unlimited – Unlimited Power

Ultimate – Ultimate Potential, Ultimate Purpose


“Reading all of these one after another has an emotional-flooding [<link; short] effect.”

“Think of them as building-blocks to play with.”


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