Work Optimization 3

Fragment from imaginary dialogues

“What does your daily work schedule look like?”

“I start with 6 pomodoros of deep-work, then I take an hour break. That’s the first deep-work block of the day.”

“Why 6 and not, say, 5?”

“I was aiming for 8, but I got too tired at the end of it, which I took as a sign that I’d overextended.”

“I like to make a distinction between goals and meta-goals

A goal has to do with what you’re trying to get done.
A meta-goal has to do with how you’re trying to get it done.

A meta-goal for instance might be to maximize productivity (work-efficiency). 
Another one might be to maximize energy conservation (energy-efficiency). 
Another one, to maximize productivity AND energy conservation. (work/energy-efficiency)

These are an application of the Quality macro-principle.

It’s important to focus on the meta-goals, not just the goals.

The pomodoro creates structure. That’s the deep-work unit, the fundamental building-block. However any structures you build with the pomodoro should be flexible and aligned with your meta-goals.

It doesn’t matter how many pomodoros you do in a row. What’s important is to assess your energy level after each and every one of them. If the energy level is high, go straight into another one. If not, take a longer break, or a nap. 

The beautiful thing about having a structure like the pomodoro in place is that you can use it to assess your energy-level. Energy-level correlates with willpower and decision-making quality. It takes willpower to interrupt yourself from what you’re doing and to keep your procrastination-impulses in check. 

Treat any lapses in willpower as a red-flag. Slow down, and create space to ask yourself:

What’s the best decision?

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