On Embodiment and Stacking

Fragment from imaginary dialogues

“To optimize a practice, you need to remember to practice. The more often you remember, the more often you can engage in the practice.”

“What’s your strategy for remembering to practice?”

“I’m currently experimenting with concept-stacking[<link; short length] as a means of information-retrieval.”

“Remind me what concept-stacking is.”

“It’s the process of fusing concepts together for practical ends.

Let’s take Embodiment for instance – the practice of becoming aware of your own body – and Mindful Breathing.

As long as Embodiment and Breathing are two different concepts, it makes it less likely to remember to do them together. By connecting them, you increase the likelihood.

You can connect them conceptually: Breathing as Embodiment practice. As far as retrieval goes, this is better than no connection, but it’s a weak-connection.

You can connect them structurally: EmbodiedBreathing practice. By fusing the two concepts together, you create a strong-connection for the purpose of retrieval. To make it even easier to retrieve, Embodied can be shortened to E – you thus get EBreathing.

Using the structure as a template[<link; medium], you can expand its application:

(and, by extension EParkour)


EMovement can be expressed as EMotion. You thus get emotion, which I consider an essential aspect of Embodiment practice.”

“So emotion also stands for EmobodiedMotion.”

“Indeed. Whenever I think of emotion, it also reminds me to move.”



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