Fragment from imaginary dialogues

“What is the best answer?”

What is the best question?

“How can I discover the best question?”

“I use a technique which I call QuestionStorming, or QStorming for short.

It’s like BrainStorming, but with questions instead of ideas.”

“What’s the process?”

“You start by writing down the problem you’re trying to solve. This will be your focus point throughout the process.

The process is simple: 
– Generate as many questions as possible.
– When you reach a previously established threshold (eg you fill up a page, or a certain amount of time has passed), start organizing, evaluating, optimizing, and engaging with the questions.”

“Can you give an example?”

“Yesterday the day went beautifully at the beginning, but then it started going downhill. At the end, I did a QStorming session.

It looked like this:

How do you feel?
How do you want to feel?
What’s positive about this?

What’s the best response?
How would the Sage respond?

How can you use this to get stronger?
How can you use this to evolve?

How can you turn this obstacle upside down? (Inversion)
How can you transcend this obstacle?

How can you make this effortless?

What can you learn from this? 
What’s the
gem? (Principles)
How could you have done it differently?
What were the failure-points?
What were the decision-points?

What (skills/values) can you practice?

Seeing the problem as a system, what are its elements?

What variables are the most relevant?
What contextual-variables are the most relevant?

“Which yielded the best practical insight?”

“It was a synthesis of more than one question.

I drew a (vertical) timeline with all the failure points and the decision points, and listed all relevant contextual variables, to get a big-picture view.

Then I started analyzing the timeline, paying attention to patterns, making notes of what I could have done better at every step.

I finalized the process by listing the principles.

I ended up calling this process retrospective analysis.”



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