On Recommitment and Stacking

The human spirit is like a campfire. You need to re-light it EVERY SINGLE DAY. (Brian Johnson)

Fragment from imaginary dialogues

“Do I really need to do it every day? Why not every few days?”

“Because this is a powerful practice. It’s a reminder of your highest aspirations and a daily recommitment. If you make it a part of your morning ritual, it also activates and primes you for the day. You can think of it as a kind of stacking

Regardless of whether you do it in the morning or not, it’s highly worth turning into a daily habit. I even added it to my habit-tracker.”

“What does your practice look like?”

“I have a selection of deeply meaningful writings which I’ve been refining (and simplifying) for a long time now. I read them slowly, lovingly, and gratefully.Identity

Identity [<link; medium read]
Soul Quests (deeply meaningful goals)
Macro-Focus (what I’m focusing on at a macro level)
Powerful Quotes

You can make the practice more powerful by – stacking – listening to music while doing it. I have a playlist with a selection of the most powerful music I know – which I’ve also been refining (and simplifying) for a long time. It serves as a kind of background for the practice.

And you can further optimize the practice by doing it while squatting, thus also turning it into movement practice. Yet more stacking.”

P.S. If you’re curious what my playlist sounds like, you can listen to it here [<link].

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