Beautiful Models: Meta-Practice

Fragment from imaginary dialogues

“What is meta-practice?”

“It is a higher-order practice. 

It can refer to an instance of hierarchization, creating a practical hierarchical relationship between two or more practices.”

“Another kind of stacking?”

“Yes. It’s basically stacking where order matters.

For instance let’s take Movement and Embodiment. By creating a hierarchical relationship between them, 


you’re integrating them into one practice, clarifying your focus, and establishing guidelines. Embodiment here is the meta-practice, a metaphoric lens through which you view the Movement practice. Movement as Embodiment practice.

Meta-Practice can refer to an instance of generalization, practically expanding in scope from the particular to the general.

Every obstacle you encounter is a practice – learning how to effectively deal with that particular obstacle.
Every obstacle can also be a meta-practice – learning how to effectively deal with any obstacles. You’re not just practicing one thing, but all things similar. I like to call obstacles seen as a whole, the Obstacle.”

“Another instance of integration?”

“Indeed. We might call this model generalization / integration.

The meta-practice is having the insight to focus on the Obstacle, not just the obstacle.

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