The Movement Game 2

Rediscover the joy of movement. (Rafe Kelley)

A human being is the kind of machine that wears out from lack of use. For the most part we gain energy by using energy. (George Leonard, Mastery)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“Tell me some exercises I can do.”

Think in terms of movement, not exercises.

Think of movement in terms of meaning.

Think of movement as food, as an essential nutrient. Unlike actual food, there’s no limit to how much movement-food you can eat, nor how often.

Think of movement as energy, as an essential energy source.”

“What if I’m feeling sore from yesterday’s movement-feast?”

“I’m an adept of the principle consistency over intensity, of frequent snacking over feasting, of organically integrating movement into your life. Not just moving at high intensity several times a week, but moving as often as possible at low intensity throughout the day every single day. 

In his beautiful book Beautiful Practice, Frank Forenchich offers four guidelines for creating a movement snack:

Be an opportunist. Seize the moment. 

Make stuff up. Start with some reaches, some pushes, pulls and steps. The right way is the way that feels good. 

Bend your knees. Do some squats, take the stairs. Bending your knees helps to integrate the entire system. 

Reverse gravity. Stretch, reach and move toward the sky. Extend your back and adopt a posture of exuberance and vitality.

You don’t need a list of specific exercises. 

Improvise. Explore. Play.

Seek movement variety.
Move your entire body as a whole, not just parts of it.
Move all joints every day.

Constantly ask yourself:

How did I not move today?


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Life-Artist, Thinker, Mover (Traceur)

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