On Presence and Specificity

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“How can I optimize Presence?”

Be specific. [<link; short read]

Get clear on what you mean by it. For instance, what’s the relationship between Presence, Mindfulness and Awareness?”

“All mean the same exact same thing.

“Which means you can use them interchangeably. Why do you prefer Presence?”

“For practical considerations. It’s shorter to pronounce.”

Get clear on what the practice is.

Whenever you THINK ‘Presence’, what specifically do you want to DO?

Create an actionable high-fidelity practice-map.”

“Something like this?

My Presence practice-map


What do the colors signify?”

“The brown nodes are the actionable-components.
The pink nodes are representational-components [<link; medium read].
The green nodes are macro-components of the practice.”

“Now constantly ask yourself:

How can I simplify it?
What can I eliminate?

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