On Practice and Templating

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“How can I optimize this practice?”

“By creating a template [<link; medium read], you can optimize not just this practice, but any practice.

A template I’ve been working on has three components: Action, Meaning, and Feeling.

Visually, it looks something like this:

Action refers to the actionable components of the practice, expressed as verbs. 

What do you want to do?

Taking my Presence practice as an example, they can involve physical actions:

Stand tall (Posture)

or non-physical actions, some of which operate on a metaphorical representational level:

Slow down
Create Space

Meaning refers to things that make the practice meaningful. 

How can you make it meaningful?

There’s two aspects to it: 

– integrating the practice with the Macro level, for instance by connecting it with your values and your identity
– at a Micro level, creating meaningful representations for the practice

As concerns the latter, for instance, you might think of your practice as sacred, as deliberate practice, mental training, spiritual training, etc.

The most powerful representations are those that operate at both the Micro and the Macro level.

Feeling refers to your desired emotional state as you engage in the practice.

How do you want to feel?

You can think of it in the context of the Beautiful State [<link; medium read], which we’ve talked about a while back.”

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