On Pleasure 2

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What pleasures are worth cultivating?”

“Pleasures too can be viewed through the 80/20 (macro-)filter. 80% of them are not worth cultivating. Most bring marginal benefits and/or have a high opportunity cost.”

“How would you narrow down the 20%?”

“Through more filtering. I’m thinking of three filters in particular: Simplicity, Meaning, and Usefulness. Expressed as directives:

Cultivate simple pleasures. 

Cultivate pleasure for and (re)learn to appreciate what you already have. They’re more numerous than you realize.

Cultivate meaningful pleasures.

Cultivate pleasures that are aligned with your values and your purpose.

Cultivate useful pleasures.

Cultivate pleasures that add persistent value to your life, that grow and strengthen you.”

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About Dani Trusca

Life-Artist, Thinker, Mover (Traceur)

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