On Wisdom

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“The four virtues of Stoicism (in Brian Johnson’s interpretation) are:


The four virtues of Buddhism (which I also learned from Brian) are:

Loving Kindness

Interestingly, Wisdom is not among them.”

“What is Wisdom?”

“It’s one of those things that seem obvious. You think you have a firm grasp of them, but once you take a closer look, they start to slip through your fingers like sand. I call these, slippery concepts.”

“What do you mean by it?

Let’s take the virtues of Stoicism and those of Buddhism as reference points.

Where does Wisdom stand in relation to those virtues?”

“In my view, Wisdom is not a virtue, but all virtues.

Wisdom is a system of meaning.

Visually, it looks something like this:

A small part of the Wisdom system of meaning

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