On Wisdom 2

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What’s the structure of the Wisdom system of meaning?”

“There are many ways to think of it. My current view is modeled after the main branches of Philosophy.”

“What are the main branches of Philosophy?”

“They are:

Metaphysics: studies the nature of reality
Epistemology: studies the nature and scope of knowledge
Value Theory
Ethics: studies and evaluates human conduct
Aesthetics: studies the nature of beauty

Based on these, the Wisdom system has a metaphysical, epistemological and ethical component. For me, it also has an aesthetic component.

Metaphysical component: has to do with our fundamental assumptions, our model of reality
Epistemological component: has to do with Knowledge, of the world and ourselves, and of the limits of Knowledge
Ethical component: has to do with Values and Virtues, and how to live the good life
Aesthetical component: has to do with Beauty, how to create and appreciate it

I like to think of Wisdom as a Life-Game – and an aspect of the Beautiful Game [<link; medium length]. Another component of the system are the principles that capture the essence of the Game.”

“What are those principles?”

“I’ve identified three so far:

Inversion (or Transmutation, to use a different metaphoric-model): the art/game [<link; short] of turning obstacles upside down, negatives into positives, weaknesses into strengths

Transfer (Thematic Interconnectedness, to use Josh Waitzkin’s terminology): the art/game of using knowledge from one area of life into another

Quality (can be viewed in aesthetic terms, as Beauty): the art/game of making the most of everything that comes your way, always doing your best, of always focusing on quality over quantity

Visually, the Wisdom system looks something like this:

The Wisdom system of meaning

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