Beautiful Models: 1/20/80

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What is 1/20/80?”

“It’s a practical tool I created for myself. A combination between two models: 80/20 (Pareto) and One Thing (Monad).”

“Can you give an example?”

“Let’s say you want to organize your values.

First you make a list of your values, then you pass them through the 80/20 filter. 

What 20% of your values are most meaningful for you?

That’s what I call the meta-values [link; medium length].

Among the 20%, you select one that is central. That is the access-point [<link; medium]. Whenever you mentally access your values, you start with the access-point. You can think of 1/20/80 as filters on top of one another. You first look through the 1 filter, then the 20, then the 80.

In case of my values, it looks like this:

1-filter: Presence
20-filter: Beauty, Play, Love, Gratitude, Simplicity, Balance
80-filter: the rest of my values”

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