Essential Connections

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What are essential connections?”

“One aspect of learning is the accumulation of information. There’s too much information out there, so we need to be selective. That is, focus only on the most important – essential – bits.” 

“So, using the 80/20 (Pareto) model, we need to focus on the 20 percent.”


I like to think of information by using the network model. A network is a structure made up of two components: nodes and connections. In the early stages of ‘learning literacy’, we tend to think of information only as the nodes. Learning how to learn brings about an important realization:

Both the nodes and the connections encode information. 

Moreover, the most important information is encoded in the connections. That’s what we call ‘understanding’.

Not all connections are created equal. Some are weaker, some are stronger. Some are more meaningful than others. We can look at connections too through the 80/20 filter. I call the 20 percent most meaningful ones essential connections.”


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