Questions & Models

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What is your most important practice as a Thinker?”

“An essential question you can ask about any practice is:

What are the fundamentals of the practice?

Which is to say:

What are the most important subs-skills?

Each of those sub-skills is itself a practice.

For me, the most important Thinking practice is Questions & [Mental] Models.


“I see them as an interconnected unit – what I call a functional-monad. This is an instance of Integration. We’ll talk more about it some other time.

I call the individual components of the practice Questioning and Modelling.

I love questions, and I love models. I have a special notebook for each. I start every single day by playing with them.”

“How do you play with them?”

“The guidelines are:
thinking something different – which essentially means creating new connections
the Practical – one of the macro-filters of my life.”

“So it’s a creative endeavor.”


Whenever I come up with a useful question, I write it down.
As for models, it’s in the form of models-mapping [link; short length] – mind-mapping with models.”



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