Micro-Moments of Positivity

The frequency of your successes is more important than the size. (BJ Fogg, Tiny Habits)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“Why is the frequency of successes more important than the size?”

“When acknowledged and celebrated, every success, even tiny ones, produces a pleasant feeling. ‘Acknowledged and celebrated’ is key here because, by default, they usually pass us by unnoticed. In the context of habit creation, this can be used to enforce a habit. However, this extends beyond habit creation, into the realm of well-being.

There’s a conceptual model I like from Barbara Fredrickson’s book Love 2.0: Micro-Moments of Positivity. Acknowledged and celebrated successes produce micro-moments of positivity. Taken individually, they may not seem like much. However, over the course of a day, they compound.

All feelings are temporary. 
If you have a big success in a day, you feel good for a little while, and then you’re back to baseline. 
If, however, you have a big number of small successes, each of them makes you feel good for a little while, and their effect adds up. 

We can think of it in terms of density [<link; short read]. The higher density of micro-moments of positivity over the course of a day, the more powerful the effect. 

You can produce such micro-moments of positivity in various ways: Celebration, Gratitude, Love, contemplation of Beauty, Play.”


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