Collector 3

The purpose of querying an oracle is not so much to foretell the future as to enable the questioner to delve more deeply into his own intuition when dealing with a problem.

Most oracles contain a series of messages from which the questioner randomly selects.

The oracle is intentionally ambiguous in order to force you to go beyond the first right answer.

Random insights can force you to look at your problems in a way you would not have otherwise.

(Roger von Oech, Expect the Unexpected (Or You Won’t Find It))

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“Why are you collecting cryptic and ambiguous quotes? I thought you valued clarity.”

“Both clarity and ambiguity have value.

Clarity has value for communication and understanding.
Ambiguity has value for stimulating creativity.

I collect cryptic and ambiguous quotes for my Oracle [<link; short read]

The Oracle is a wonderful creativity tool, for generating ‘(Creative) Movement’ – to use Edward de Bono’s terminology.

Whenever I’m in the generative phase of the creative process, or I’m feeling stuck, I like to extract one at random and see where it takes me.”

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