Note-taking as Art 2

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“I think of my note-taking as an art [<link; short length]. A kind of calligraphy.

I don’t seek perfection of execution, but balance. 
Balance between functional and aesthetic beauty. 
Balance in the use of space.

I also like to think of it as a system.”

“Why think of it as a system?”

“Because it allows me to optimize it more effectively. Creativity is one of the central values of my life, and Optimization is an essential component of it. For me Optimization is a value in itself – and another venue for self-expression.”

“You mean life optimization?”

“I’m a Designer. I like to optimize EVERYTHING. However, life optimization is indeed my main focus. And that is, essentially, systems optimization.”

“What’s one notable component of the note-taking system?”

“I’m using three sizes of notes, created from A4 pages.

My three types of notes

I cut the A4 page in four. This is the largest note size (L-notes).
By cutting the L-notes in two, I get the medium notes (M-notes).
By cutting the M-notes in two, I get the small notes (S-notes).”

“Why are you using three sizes of notes?”

“Each size serves a different function.

L-notes are for general note-taking purposes, idea capture, and to-dos.
M-notes are for mind-mapping.
S-notes are for implementation.

The size ensures I can tell which is which at a glance.”

“Why don’t you use the large ones for mind-mapping?”

“I sometimes do. But the smaller space forces me to be more focused. Smaller mind-maps are more usable

Everything I write starts as a mind-map. I take the idea-seeds, which I collect in a digital document, and develop them through mind-mapping. Once they gain enough definition, I start writing.

I have a growing stack of M-notes, for upcoming articles.”

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